Love bottle challenge

Talents in MCI Argentina gave a second life to their plastic waste through the “Love Bottle” Challenge.
​​​​​​​With the “Love Bottle Challenge” initiated in 2020, MCI Argentina invited their team to transform plastic garbage into resources, used for important social causes. The concept is simple:

Step 1: Talents were encouraged to grab any plastic bottle and start filling it with their plastic waste.

Step 2: Once the bottles are full, talents brought them to the NGO “Botellas de Amor” (Love Bottles).

Step 3: The NGO donated the bottles to a sustainable company called ECONCIENCIA Argentina where bottles are transformed into “plastic wood”. With this plastic, furniture such as decks, tables and other products are created and donated to various local charities.

11 talents took part of this challenge and 45 bottles were collected. This represented over 24 kg of plastic that will be recycled and transformed into furniture. Well done team!

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