Covid-19 Together

MCI Australia talents offered their expertise to support the project “Covid-19 Together”.

In 2020, six talents of MCI Australia offered their time and expertise to support an essential crowdsourcing project that was calling on businesses to donate their unused non-medical grade Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers who require regular training with this equipment.

The project, “Covid-19 Together”, aims to enable hospitals to conserve precious medical-grade PPE resources for healthcare workers treating Covid-19 patients, while training can be carried out using the donated materials.

The initiative was a collaboration between MCI Australia and a couple of local suppliers. Professor Egerton-Warburton from Monarch University, who led the campaign, called it a “triple win” for the community, healthcare and business: “This is an unprecedented opportunity for different industries to rally together and strengthen the frontline of our health system.”

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