Community & giving back

We are committed to working together to build a vibrant culture of responsibility and care that generates value for the communities where we work.


Since we launched our sustainability journey, we have sought out the ideas and commitment of our talents to help drive this change.


Each local sustainability team is responsible for engaging their talents around an annual sustainability plan, which includes community outreach initiatives of their choice (based on affinity or local needs).

“We are proud to see how committed, creative and enthusiastic our talents have been to make positive impacts on their local communities throughout the year. With the passion, dedication and expertise of our teams we have the power to bring change and truly make a difference.”

Erica Fawer, Emmanuel André, Marine Mugnier,
Group Sustainability Team

Using our expertise for good

On top of our community outreach programmes, we use our expertise and contacts to help organise charity events; non-profit organisations often do not have mci group’s resources or purchasing power. We believe this not only empowers communities but provides an inspiring way for our talents to apply their skills – giving them a deeper sense of fulfilment and job satisfaction.

Giving back

Despite the challenging year in 2020, our agencies have found meaningful ways to give back to the community. Thirty-eight community projects were supported, and more than €2,8 million raised for a total of 1,435 hours of pro bono time.

Since 2010, our talents have raised more than €17.4 million for community projects around the world, investing more than 45,200 hours of their time and energy.

Womanity 2020

Womanity 2020

Womanity Foundation's annual gala aims to raise funds to combat gender inequality and empower women and girls around the world.As partner of the Womanity gala, Dorier...

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Donating blood and saving lives

Donating blood and saving lives

Our office in Switzerland transformed into a mobile blood unit for a day.Building on past years experience, in January 2020, our Switzerland team called upon the...

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Cutting hair for a good cause

Cutting hair for a good cause

Talents donated their hair to support a local community project.Some talents in our Spain office got a hair cut for a good cause! They donated their hair to the project...

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Community engagement award

With the 2020 community engagement award, our goal was to acknowledge and celebrate the agency that has created an outstanding culture of giving back to the wider community throughout the year, taking into account the special context of Covid-19. mci group donated €500 to each winning agency to support a charity programme of their choice.

The MCI Czech Republic team won this award. They used their furlough time wisely and donated more than 500 hours to help coordinate healthcare training with the Czech Red Cross amid the Covid-19 surge.

Eliska Volkova, sustainability champion, MCI Czech Republic, wrote:

“We put our skills to the service of our community and had the feeling it was the minimum that we could do in those difficult times. We must be the change we wish to see in the world”.

The team will use the donation to sponsor a sustainability-themed educational and artistic show for young people in their community.

MCI Belgium was nominated as runner-up for its holistic approach in organising various activities throughout the year. ​​​​​​​

Idoia Rodes Torrontegui, managing director, MCI Belgium, commented:

“2020 was a very challenging year in which to show our commitment to society and the environment. However, enthusiasm, creativity and perseverance motivated all of us to continue to contribute to a better life, society and planet. Sustainability will remain a top priority in Brussels.”

MCI Belgium sustainability team added: “Being recognised with the sustainability award means a lot to us and motivates us to continue to create new initiatives in 2021.”

MCI Belgium donated its €500 allowance to Chain of Hope Belgium.

Our performance in 2020


  • We will continue to boost the impact of charities and help amplify their initiatives by providing or offering our expertise.
  • We will systematically integrate community outreach activities in partnership with local charities when planning our group-wide internal get-togethers.
  • We will continue to build a strong culture of community engagement that creates local positive impacts on communities.
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