Community & giving back

We are committed to working together to build a vibrant culture of responsibility and care that generates value for the communities where we work.


Since we launched our sustainability journey, we have sought out the ideas and commitment of our talents to help drive this change.


Each local sustainability team is responsible for engaging their talents around an annual sustainability plan, which includes community outreach initiatives of their choice (based on affinity or local needs).

“We are proud to see how committed, creative and enthusiastic our talents have been to make positive impacts on their local communities throughout the year. With the passion, dedication and expertise of our teams we have the power to bring change and truly make a difference.”

Erica Fawer, Emmanuel André, Marine Mugnier,
Group Sustainability Team

Using our expertise for good

On top of our community outreach programmes, we use our expertise and contacts to help organise charity events; non-profit organisations often do not have mci group’s resources or purchasing power. We believe this not only empowers communities but provides an inspiring way for our talents to apply their skills – giving them a deeper sense of fulfilment and job satisfaction.

Giving back

Our agencies have found meaningful ways to give back to the community in 2021. 36 community projects were supported, and more than €850,000 raised for a total of 3,561 hours of pro bono time.

Since 2010, our talents have raised more than €18.3 million for community projects around the world, investing more than 48,800 hours of their time and energy.

Baltimore Hunger Project

Baltimore Hunger Project

MCI USA Sales Solutions & Services talents supported the Baltimore Hunger Project twice in 2021 to support food-insecure children.Baltimore Hunger Project provides...

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Little Big Night 2021

Little Big Night 2021

MCI Australia helped Little Big Steps to plan and execute a virtual charity event to raise awareness about what it’s like for kids living with cancer during the...

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Group-wide internal meetings to do good

In addition to making our group internal meeting carbon neutral, we want to leave a positive impact at the destination by giving back to a local charity programme. Even though our meeting was cancelled, see how we made a difference for Vida Norte:

Supporting Vida Norte at our internal meeting

When organising our own group-wide internal meetings, we want to leave a positive impact at the destination by giving back to a local charity...

MCI sustainable company pins

As a tangible symbol of our commitment to building a better wold, MCI lapel pins are manufactured from post-consumer recycled iron. In addition, we are donating 10% of the production costs to support the Project Kajsiab Laos Shelter, a small non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of the Hmong Tribe in Bokeo, Laos. MCI’s donation will contribute to the Kajsiab children’s education (school fees, uniforms, school books and bags).


the power of sustainable pins

Our performance in 2021

3,561 hours giving back to the community or offering time for pro-bono.
36 community projects supported.
856,000 euros raised for charity.
120,000 euros of corporate investment in sustainability


  • We will continue to boost the impact of charities and help amplify their initiatives by providing or offering our expertise.
  • We will systematically integrate community outreach activities in partnership with local charities when planning our group-wide internal get-togethers.
  • We will continue to build a strong culture of community engagement that creates local positive impacts on communities.
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