Little Big Night 2021

MCI Australia helped Little Big Steps to plan and execute a virtual charity event to raise awareness about what it’s like for kids living with cancer during the pandemic.

MCI Australia team coordinated the attendance of 2 high profile speakers – Maria McCarthy, a healthcare practitioner and researcher who has been exploring the mental health impacts on children getting treated for cancer throughout the pandemic, and Michael Crossland, a renowned speaker who shared his experience in overcoming cancer to achieve his dreams with the help of exercise.

After hearing the incredibly moving and inspirational stories from children who have faced cancer, the evening was rounded up with live music and dancing in living rooms across the world – as far as the Netherlands and South Africa!

The night raised $18,000 as well as over $9,000 in donated health watches.

MCI Australia provided all project management, operational support, video editing and design services at no charge to Little Big Steps – whom they have supported since inception in 2018. MCI Australia also leveraged their relationship with virtual platform provider, Delegate Connect, to provide the platform and technical support probono as well.

The MCI business development and operations teams all use the Little Big Night as a touchpoint for current and prospective clients to invite them to join the free evening. Several clients participated in the evening and were overwhelmingly positive of MCI’s support of such a special cause.

​​​​​​​A huge congrats’ to the team for making this impactful night happen!

Little Big Night
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