MCI Germany and the SAP Sustainability Summit

Innovative and ground-breaking method enables measurement of the CO2 footprint of a virtual event for the first time.

The SAP Sustainability Summit took place for the first time from 28-29 April 2021. The virtual event was attended by 2,000+ external live participants from 73 countries. In co-creation with MCI Germany, the Summit served as a pilot of a ground-breaking methodology: the approach to measure and calculate the footprint (CO2 and waste) of live virtual experiences.

The results of this measurement are compared to the hypothetical footprint of a physical Summit. As a result, emission savings and positive climate impacts of the virtual format have become apparent and can serve as benchmarks for future events and as a basis for neutralising the ecological footprint.


  • 98% Emission Saving by virtual event
  • 30 tCO2 for a virtual event
  • 1,392 tCO2 for a physical event (estimated)

Largest sources of emissions in the virtual event

  • 49% production
  • 33% network data transfer
  • 12% online attendees

“We must rethink, innovate and implement at an unprecedented pace and scale to enable a thriving future for environment, economy and society.” Thomas Saueressig, Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE and Patron of the SAP Sustainability Summit.

SAP Sustainability Summit 2021
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