MCI Spain & Portugal giving back to their local communities in 2021

Our Spain & Portugal agencies have been very active throughout 2021 to give back to their local communities!

Back in July, our agencies in Spain and Portugal held their Appreciation Day and dedicated part of this moment to give back to their communities. In Portugal, the team spent the afternoon volunteering with Red Cross Portugal preparing boxes of approximately 1,000 clothes to be distributed to a community in Northern Portugal. Meanwhile, our Spain team spent the afternoon cleaning the beach, and others in the countryside learning a little about sustainable cooking!

And they did not stop there! 

In September, the Barcelona team collaborated with the Red Cross in their back-to-school initiative! They volunteered in supermarkets encouraging families to buy school supplies for disadvantaged children. 

For the European Sustainable Development Week, they invited the owner of the Foundation “Aprofitem els aliments” (“how to take advantage of all kind of food”) who taught the team how to follow the 12 key points to identify a sustainable catering.

And finally, part of our Madrid team donated their blood to the Red Cross.

Spain and Portugal
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