MCI Spain offers its blood for Halloween

On Halloween 2021, our team in Spain planned a very creative initiative while supporting a good cause.

They partnered with Child Community, a local NGO that saves food waste, to collect leftover tomatoes and peppers and created hand made jam.

The jams were bottled in heart shaped flasks, that represented MCI’s blood and passion and released for sale on their website during Halloween night.

All proceeds were then donated to the Red Cross to support their blood donation campaign.

Thanks to this very original initiative, the team:

  • Saved over 15kg of food that would have gone to waste.
  • Gave visibility to the local NGO Child Community while showing the importance of food recycling.
  • Donated all the profits to the Spanish Red Cross and, in turn, reinforced their long-time partnership with the NGO.
  • Raised awareness on the importance of donating blood.
A jar of pepper and tomatoe jam representing blood.
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