Sustainability awards

With our internal Sustainability Awards, we annually recognise our offices that concretely implement sustainability into their day-to-day practices, on clients’ projects and have a positive impact on their local community.

mci group donates €500 to each winning agency to support a charity programme of their choice.

We celebrate our offices’ successes in the following categories:

Sustainability leadership

We have been using our progress report – a strategic performance management tool – to benchmark agency sustainability results against global standards and other agency offices.

It analyses five areas:

  1. Office operations
  2. Client projects
  3. Governance
  4. Talent and community
  5. Sales and marketing

The Sustainability Leadership award is based on the progress reports completed by our agencies and rewards the office that has implemented the most comprehensive sustainability programme. It honors our teams’ commitment to raising awareness and embedding sustainability into their office day-to-day practices. 

talents doing a clean walk

In 2021, this award went to MCI France for stepping up to the challenge of implementing a more systematic approach to sustainability and getting ISO 20121 certified for their great work.

“This award recognises the commitment and collective efforts of the whole team. It will help us keep in mind that sustainability is a continuous work. Moving forward and building on our strengths, we will apply our expertise with our clients and providers and continue to improve our approach while concentrating on what matters.”

Marie Roullet

Talent and Culture Director and Sustainability Champion, MCI France

MCI France used the €500 to support the French Red Cross.

Special kudos also to MCI UK, MCI China, MCI UAE and MCI / Ovation Spain & Portugal for their outstanding achievements.

Client project of the year

This category recognises an office that has effectively implemented sustainability practices on a client project.

In 2021, MCI Belgium won this award for the ITS World Congress.

“Winning this award is a real booster for me and the team. For the ITS World Congress, we started with baby steps but over the years, we were able to convince the client to have a more holistic and integrated approach. I really hope that our story will inspire my colleagues around the world that even the smallest actions can make a difference. Small streams make big rivers.”

Caroline Dubreucq

PCO Project Director and Sustainability Champion, MCI Belgium

MCI Belgium donated its €500 allowance to The Ghana Cookstoves Project, the project they already supported when compensating part of the emissions of the ITS World Congress. This new donation will save over 20 tonnes of CO2.

ITS World Congress

The ITS World Congress is the biggest event focused on smart mobility and the digitalisation of transport. In October 2021, MCI Brussels together with ERTICO organised this significant global event in Hamburg, Germany.Sustainability was a key focus during the...

OURSummit ISO 20121 certified

The OURSummit organised by MCI China was certified ISO 20121 in event sustainability management.The 2nd International Conference on Industrial and Energy Internet Innovation (OURSummit) took place on 9 -10 July 2021 in Wenzhou, China. Under the theme “Digital Energy,...

MCI China was nominated as runner-up for the OURSummit, the first event certified ISO20121 (Sustainable Events) managed by the team.

“Getting this project certified by the International Standard demonstrate that we know how to operate events sustainably. This positions us as leader in our industry and will help us win business in our market. I am very proud of my team’s CSR commitments.”

Frankie Gao

Managing Director, MCI China

The team decided to donate the €500 to Blue Sky Rescue, a non-profit civil rescue group that they have been supporting in the past years.

Community engagement

This award celebrates the office that has created the best culture of giving back to the community throughout the year.

MCI / Ovation Spain & Portugal teams won this award for their creative blood donation campaign for the Red Cross and overall initiatives carried out throughout 2021.

“To have received the Sustainability Awards ​under the category of Community Engagement reflects an important truth: together we are stronger. Sustainability will continue to inspire us to make a better world for a better community.”

Sonia Nicolau

Procurement Director and Sustainability Champion, MCI Spain & Portugal

The team donated the €500 to the SUBMON project, for the conservation of the Mediterranean Seabed and in particular, the “Tramuntana dolphin project”.

MCI Spain offers its blood for Halloween

On Halloween 2021, our team in Spain planned a very creative initiative while supporting a good cause.They partnered with Child Community, a local NGO that saves food waste, to collect leftover tomatoes and peppers and created hand made jam. The jams were bottled in...

Baltimore Hunger Project

MCI USA Sales Solutions & Services talents supported the Baltimore Hunger Project twice in 2021 to support food-insecure children.Baltimore Hunger Project provides food packages every weekend to food-insecure elementary school children in a compassionate and...

MCI Baltimore was selected as runner-up for their tireless involvement with the Baltimore Hunger Project throughout the years.

“Our team at MCI USA – Sales Solutions & Services (Baltimore) is thrilled to be recognised with this award for our community engagement! It reflects the commitment from our entire team to the local community and allows us to have an even bigger impact in helping Baltimore Hunger Project and their mission to feed kids who experience hunger at home.”

Aisha France

Marketing Coordinator and Sustainability Champion, MCI Baltimore

MCI Baltimore supported once again the Baltimore Hunger Project with the €500 donation.

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