Terumo’s 100th anniversary around sustainability

In 2021, MCI Singapore accompanied Terumo Asia Pacific to create an internal campaign targeted to their APAC associates celebrating Terumo’s 100th anniversary.

The team designed an engaging campaign that reflected Terumo’s identity and core values with activations happening over 8 months. Sustainability, well-being and team recognition were core components of the campaign.

Here are some of the activations designed by MCI:

        • Tree-planting activities were organised across offices and countries. It resulted in a total of 263 trees planted across APAC.
        • #100hoursCSR – Through the “100 hours of CSR” initiative, associates gave back to society. From supporting the less privileged, to donating blood or saving wildlife, everyone engaged to do their bit for their selected societal and environmental causes.
        • Fitness Challenge – to promote people’s wellbeing, associates were challenged to get fit for a good cause with challenges encouraging healthier and better living while making donations to a local charity.
        • Appreciation eco-friendly bags were produced for 5000+ associates across the region. They included only reusable and sustainable gifts.
        • Tsu Na Gu Challenge: Teams were challenged to find creative ways to spread love and give back to their communities.

The campaign was a great success! It engaged associates across the region, fostered team connections, associates’ health and well-being while supporting social and environmental causes.

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