Brightening the spirit of a retirement community

Our Baltimore office brought some joy to residents who missed their family and friends’ visits.

​​​​​​​Back in March 2020, our talents in Baltimore had planned to visit the Broadmead Retirement Community to spend a couple of hours doing activities with them. Then Covid-19 hit right around the time of the visit, and it had to be cancelled.

When Broadmead reached out in June, asking for help in brightening the spirits of the residents during these trying times, they were more than happy to help.

The residents needed some cheer after going months without their regular visits from family and friends.

The MCI Team decided to bring some flowers together with greeting cards, notes and artwork (courtesy of some of our Talents’ children!). Each resident of the assisted living and skilled nursing units received a small bouquet of flowers and card in their room.

Because of social distancing requirements, only 3 talents were physically involved in this initiative but truly enjoyed bringing a little bit of joy to the residents:

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